Quality control and validation of in-vivo methods, including intrumentation used for the measurement of Body Composition (BC) issues in Health Sciences and Occupational Ergonomics.

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Most haelth and ergnonomic professionals are most likely using in-vivo Body Composition (BC) methods including anthropometry, skinfolds with associated formulae and indexes, bioelectrical impedance analysis, densitometry, air & water displacement techniques, ultrasound, DEXA e.g. for the determination of bone density, bone mass, adipose tissue (Fat), muscle mass and fat free mass. These measurements result into values that are indirect. In spite of this they are widely applied in Health Sciences and as standards in nutrition and ergonomics, e.g. occupational and public health, growth studies, medical, exercise sciences, and physical anthropology. This had led to a proliferation of techniques and formulae of in vivo determination of BC. The stark fact remains that none of the approaches to estimate body AT, Bone and Muscle Mass, Bone Density have been validated against direct values via cadaver dissection. Beyond the issue of validation, data on directly obtained body compartments are sparse. Three projects including 51 whole body dissections have been completed (Clarys et al. 1999). Each of these dissections yielding +-2500 data. Further 19th century data have been located from whom organ and major tissue weights are known. The purpose of this proposal is to bring together this valuable body of data for easy access and to examine the quality of in vivo methods of BC assessment, e.g.: 1 To provide normative data on the masses and densities of skin, adipose tissue, muscle, bone and organs; 2. to investigate the validity of currently used indirect techniques of the in vivo estimation of BC; 3. develop models and a reference frame for BC analysis in vivo; 4. provide possibilities for doctoral and post-doc. Research topics, e.g. related to "quality control and validation of in-vivo BC methods", either focussed on techniques or on equi^pment e.g. DEXA.
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