Quantification of multicomponent synergistic effects in mocroporous crysatallyne catalysts.

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Microporous Crytalline Catalysts (MCC) belong to the most relevant materials used in catalytic chemistry. They catalyse mono- and multicomponent reactions in the vapour or in the liquid phase and from the mechanistic point of view, are active and selective catalysts in acid as well as in redox catalysis.When the behaviour of multicomponent reactions is compared to that of single reactants, synergistic effects appear, noticed in literature by only a limited number of researcg groups. A few specific observations include the suppressionof the reactivity of certain compounts in mixtures, which are very active when used as single feed molecule.The present work aims to quantify the eneggistic effects which occur among reactans in multicomponent catalysis with MCC. It will be investigated as well whether the same phenomena occur among reactans and products formed. The phenomena will be quantified for selected cases and understanding and rationalisation at the molecular level will be attempted. This is a joint project of CHIS ond COK at the KULruven (Prof. jacobs).
Effective start/end date1/01/9531/12/98


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