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Nowadays, public finances are under pressure and new stakeholders want to subject the relationship of man to his movements to a radical revolution. That is why it is advisable to place the railway model in a new perspective.
The saturation of the north-south connection seems more acute day after day and it is difficult to predict how the number of users will increase in the long term. The option to expand capacity by creating new infrastructure is very expensive and long-term. The positive effects will only be felt in the long term while the users will in the meantime experience a lot of nuisance. Furthermore, we are currently stumbling over the four tracks of the GEN and the aging of the Brussels tunnels. This should encourage us to no longer use the expansion of the transport infrastructure as a universal salvation vision.
Rail4Brussels shows how important it is to continue the long-term reflection in order to structure the efforts in an efficient manner with a view to a gradual adaptation to the evolution of society.
Effective start/end date23/12/1430/11/15


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