Raman-induced cooling in silicon-based nanowires and enhancement of the Raman efficiency by slow light in silicon-based photonic crystal waveguides.

Project Details


This project is situated in the research field of nonlinear optics, where one studies light-matter interactions based on a nonlinear response of the material. This field has recently made important progress due to the development of nanoscale light-guiding structures that confine light so tightly that nonlinear light-matter interactions can be triggered at low optical input powers. In my project I will investigate a specific category of nonlinear interactions, namely Raman scattering, in two different nanostructures, i.e. silicon nanowires and photonic crystal waveguides. First I will examine the behaviour of a particular heat-extracting Raman process in silicon nanowires and optimize the nanowire design so that this process could locally reduce the nanowire temperature. This way, one could locally cool heatsensitive optical devices. Secondly I will investigate whether the efficiency of another Raman process that can establish lasing action could be enhanced using silicon-based photonic crystal waveguides. The idea here is to design these waveguides such that they slow down the group velocity of light signals and as such intensify the Raman interaction between the light and the silicon material. As such, one could make sub-millimeter-scale Raman lasers. After having fabricated the designed nanostructures, I will realize proof-of-concept demonstrations for both Raman phenomena.
Effective start/end date1/10/1030/09/14

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  • Physical sciences
  • Mathematical sciences
  • Electrical and electronic engineering


  • Holography
  • Non-Linear Optics
  • Photonics
  • Optival Instrumentation
  • Optical Computing
  • Semiconductor Technology
  • Optical Switches And Modulators
  • Optical Fibre Sensors
  • Optical Measurements
  • Optical Materials
  • Optical Interconnects
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  • Optical Instrumentation
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  • Opto-Electronic Devices
  • Plastic Photonics