Recognition and expression of emotions by school-aged children in the context of the FACE (Facitilitating the Adjustments of Cognitions and Emotions) program.

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Background to this application: This application aims to support the doctoral research of Stefaan Baert, from 2007 to 2010, on School-aged children's recognition and expression of emotions through the Human Figure Drawing. This doctoral study frames within the fundamental research line of the FACE program (Facilitating the Adjustments of Cognitions and Emotions) for the prevention and intervention of behavioural and emotional problems in children. Conceptual framework: Adequate recognition and expression of emotions is a fundamental developmental process. This process underlies empathy skills, which are essential to the social, emotional and personal development of the child. Current neuropsychological and developmental research demonstrates the complexity of this process, which requires adequate adjustment between emotional, limbic system driven and higher brain functions including prefrontal cognitive processes.These recent scientific insights have spurred a field of fundamental research internationally. Research aim and design: The FACE research line draws on these insights that disturbances in children's cognitive-emotional adjustment processes carry an essential role in the genesis or maintenance of behavioural and emotional recognition and expression process do occur (or not), along with the practice implications hereof. Regarding design, this process is specifically investigated in six- to nine year old children through developmentally adequate expression techniques in a series of standardized testing situations, during the first validation phase in a schoolcontext, followed by asecond research phase in clinical context.
Effective start/end date1/01/0831/12/10

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