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The comprehensive nature of the development and implementation of centralized tests as a large-scale educational change in Flanders presupposes a maximum profession
done on the expertise present within the educational research institutes of the Flemish universities.
Because of the expected societal impact of centralized testing in the Flemish universities, it is not possible to assess the social impact of centralized testing.
A conscious choice was therefore made to put together a consortium in which the five Flemish universities are represented, together with two colleges of higher education. The (complementarity) of expertise is evident from the curriculum vitae of the promoters (see Part 4). A broad consortium with a versatile and complementary expertise present at the involved partners must guarantee maximum professionalism in the execution of the various
sub-tasks of this extensive assignment. The consortium of universities makes a conscious choice to set up two colleges of higher education in Flanders.
As a partner, the AP Hogeschool in Antwerp and the Arteveldehogeschool in Ghent. This is explained below.
In addition to this complementarity of expertise, the collaboration between educational researchers from the five Flemish universities, together with two colleges of higher education, a like-minded expression of societal involvement and the role that educational researchers wish to take on in order to examine a critical, academic attitude to complex issues of educational quality, and continuously contribute to quality assurance and improvement of education.

Effective start/end date1/01/2131/12/25


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