Regulation of the B-cell mass: an equilibrium between neogenesis and apoptosis.

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    Glucose homestatisis controls the B-cell mass. the B-cell mass is determined by the equilibrium between neogenesis of precursor cells and apoptotic cell death. To increase the B-cellmass it sis necessary to identify the signals for endocrine precursor cell differentiation as well as the signals fot hte inhibition of apoptosis of differentiated B-cells. the expression of marker proteins for differentation and the activation of signaling pathways will be analyzed in candidate precursor cell populations. Neogenesis will be investigated by addition of growth factors to the precursor cellpopulation in order to induce differentiation and by transgene expression of transcription factors. in the precursor cells. signaling for glucose-induced apoptosis will be studied by measuring activity of regulators of apoptosis such as Bad, PI3K and PKB. Bax and Bcl-2 may play a key role in the inhibition of apoptosis and will be overexpressed to elucidate the mechanisms responsibla for their effects in preventing cell death. By modulating the expression of c-myc we will anayze the role for this transcription factor in the process of apoptosis.
    Effective start/end date1/01/0031/12/03

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    • diabetes
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