Relationships between microstructure and macroporoprties of under acidic conditions produced phosphor based inorganic materials

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The project focuses on the relations between production, microstructure and macroproperties of inorganic phosphate cements (IPC). The reaction mixture is a suspension of wollastonite (solid calcium silicate) in an aqueous Al-P solution with a low pH. The influence of accelerators and retarders will be investigated with (M)DSC, DMA and liquid and solid NMR. The molecular structure will be characterised with solid state NMR and FTIR. More precisely, it is important to determine the way in which Al, P and Si are incorporated into the structure, depending on their ratio. In this, the influence of other ions has to be accounted for, which are added as accelerators, retarders, stabilising agents, ... The mechanical and thermal properties and stability at elevated temperatures will be determined as function of the composition and curing process.
Effective start/end date1/01/0231/12/05


  • acids

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  • Materials engineering