Resarch to the consequences of renewals in the recreational time on the functioning of the tasks of the communal providers of recreational time.

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Policy practices of local governments concerning leisure (sports, recreation, artistic and socio-cultural activities) are differing in many respects from one community to another. Furthermore the influence of a number of economical, social, demographical and political developments is already perceived nowadays, not only in Belgium but also in a broader European context. Against a background of continuing commercialisation of leisure, increasing or stagnating unemployment rates, an ageing population and a tendency to decentralise political responsabilities towards the local level, the need for a contemplation about the goals and functions of local leisure providers imposes itself.This research proposal wants to explore the possible new roles of local government in the field of leisure, building on the results of the OZR-project 1973230480 'Onderzoek naar de gevolgen van sportieve vernieuwingsactiviteiten op het functioneren en het takenpakket van gemeentelijke sportdiensten'. Using the Delphi method, all engaged parties and stakeholder groups -policymakers, interest groups and users- will be asked for their point of view. On the basis of their answers, a number of possible future scenario's that can be used in policy preparation will be constructed. In connection to this outcome, a case study concerning local leisure policy will be done in a Flemish municipality.
Effective start/end date1/10/9731/12/01

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