Research and participatory trajectory for young people in the Brussels-Capital Region

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The knowledge about youth and youth is very fragmented in Brussels. That is why the Bernheim Foundation asked the Brussels Studies Institute (BSI) to conduct a review of the available knowledge. To this end, research centers and researchers from the Free University of Brussels (BRIO; TOR), the Université libre de Bruxelles (GERME; IGEAT) and the Université St. Louis-Bruxelles (CES) were mobilized. The summary note of the BSI on youth research in Brussels (Sacco, Smits, Kavadias, Spruyt, d'Andrimont, 20161) that resulted from this brought a wide range of dimensions (education, labor market, culture, leisure, safety, ...). ) knowledge and insights together from an integrated perspective. However, one of the conclusions was that despite the research that has already been conducted, significant gaps remain. Relevant to this proposal are two findings: 1) the research that has been conducted concerning young people in Brussels all too often starts from a deficit. From this point of view, children and young people are the subject of research if they are a social problem or cause social problems. For example, much research is being done into early school leaving, the contrasts between young people in general secondary and vocational education, into risky behavior, and so on. But for a whole series of youth profiles, there is still a lack of information and knowledge, for example about young people with a privileged background. It also means that more positive trails or less stories - or less easily - are visible. 2) A second aspect is that there is (too) little knowledge available about the many experiments and initiatives that have been taken to partly remedy problems that young people are confronted with. These projects provide a great deal of knowledge, insights and competences with regard to dealing with problems that young people are confronted with, but they have not always been mapped out, let alone analyzed and their insights disseminated.
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