Research assignment 'State aid and housing policy'

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The Agency for Housing-Flanders has various legal (research) questions about the compatibility of Flemish social housing policy in relation to the state aid rules of the European Union (“EU”). In general, the Agency for Housing-Flanders wishes to gain insight into the application of the EU state aid rules to Flemish (social) housing policy.

The assignment consists of two partial assignments. First, a general framework must be developed on EU state aid rules and the housing policies of the EU Member States. A thorough study of the functioning of the Agency for Wonen-Vlaanderen and the Flemish housing policy should lead to a selection and translation of the relevant EU rules on state aid and an overview of measures that must be taken. Second, various existing (support) instruments of the Flemish government must be evaluated on the basis of the general framework. It is important to formulate practical recommendations in this way in to remove any incompatibilities with the EU state aid rules and to ensure that the Flemish housing policy is in line with these rules in the future..
Effective start/end date1/01/21 → 30/11/21


  • Research assignment
  • State aid
  • housing
  • Agency for Housing

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  • Law and economics