Research Cooperation VUB - University of Ljubljana; thema - 'Structural biology and biophysics: functional interactions within toxin-antitoxin networks involved in bacterial stress response'. Structural and Thermodynamic basis of transcription regulation of the higBA TA module of Vibrio Cholerae.

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Toxin-antitoxin (TA) modules are involved in bacterial stress response and persister cell formation, and as such are potential targets for novel antibiotics. Their regulation is complex and transcription or repression depend on the intracellular ratio's of toxin to antitoxin, which lead to repressing or de-repressing complexes of varying stoichiometry. In this project, we propose to study the regulation of the HigBA2 module from Vibrio cholerae by combining structural biology, biochemistry and thermodynamics This TA module is representative of a widely distributed family of TA modules which are currently understudied. This work will contribute to our understanding of regulation mechanisms in prokaryotes and in particular to the involvement of intrinsic disorder therein.
Effective start/end date1/10/1130/09/15


  • Stress regulation in bacteria
  • Toxin-antitoxin modules
  • Applied Biology
  • Structural biology

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  • Biological sciences
  • Chemical sciences