Research Council Backup mandate Marc Moonens (FWO SB) - Development and validation of design strategies for additively manufactured metallic components equipped with the eSHM system

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This work concerns further developments around the efficient Structural Health Monitoring system, hereafter named eSHM system. It consists in over- or underpressurized capillaries that are integrated in the structure and connected to a pressure sensor, so that pressure variations inside of the capillary can be used to reconstruct the load the component is subject to and/or detect the presence of a fatigue crack. In the scope of this doctoral work, numerical simulations (both the finite and extended finite element methods) will be used as a tool to address issues that would currently impinge the introduction of the system on industrial applications. In particular, on typical components where the system could be implemented (attachment lugs, gears, etc.), one will optimize the capillary position in view of efficient detection, meaning that one would obtain a fast crack detection while not affecting significantly the stress state of the structure. In that context, detailed studies on stress concentrations generated by the presence of the capillary and how to reduce them (shape of the capillary, introduction of internal structures inside the capillary, etc.) will be conducted. Moreover, other issues that currently prevent the system to be put on the market will be tackled, and notably durability and self-detection of faulty indications. Finally, the numerical simulations previously performed will be validated both on coupons and on demonstrators for the industry
Short title or EU acronymOZR opvangmandaat
Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/18


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