Research into the extra value and the implementation possibilities of independent learning in Flemisch secondary schools.

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By means of experimental research in the field, rather than by a comparative study of the literature on the subject or a noncommittal questionnaire, we intend to ascertain to what extent more flexible and creative learning processes are within reach in Flemisch schools. At the outset the schools which display an interest will be screened regarding their aptness to appropiate a blue-print of innovations. After a training involving all participants, we foresee an experimental stage wherein selfsupporting will be introduced into a number of subjects of the curriculum, taking into consideration the principles of reciprocal consulation. Applying a pre- and post-design, we will outline dissimilarities wich will yield a primordial cataloguing of tried and tested implemntation possibilities.
Effective start/end date1/10/9830/09/00

Flemish discipline codes

  • Pedagogical and educational sciences


  • Learning
  • school
  • flexible and creative learning processes
  • didactics