Research of the mechanism of endocrine disruption by pesticides using insects for ecotoxicological biosensing.

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In the last few years the detrimental effects of endocrine disruptors against animals and the environment are of major concern to scientists, policy makers and the industry. There exists a consensus that an ecotoxicological risk assessment needs to be supported by scientific research/bioassays that evaluate the relevant mechanisms and biological endpoints and this in as well invertebrates as vertebrates. As invertebrates consist about 95% of the species in the animal kingdom, there is an increasing interest to investigate potentially hormone disrupting compounds with representatives of this group of animal species. In addition, there exists a growing concern on the negative side-effects of pesticides (particulary the important pest insects due to increasing problems of insecticide resistance. As a consequence, new alternative target sides are urgently needed: interference with the hormonal control of growth, development and reproduction of insects, particulary the insect-specific process of metamorphosis, affords unique opportunities. This project proposal has the obkective to obtain fundamental insights on the mechanisms of hormonal disruption in insects from an ecotoxicological perspective. In view of the biodiversity in the animal kingdom, the obtained results are of high interest to better understand the working mechanism of endocrine disruption in vertebrates, particulary in humans.
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