Research on coupled motion in the spine.

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Results of regional investigations on coupled motion in the spine, realized with magnetic tracking devices and segmental investigations, performed with medical imaging techniques, indicate tendencies of consistent patterns of coupled motion, as well as interindividual differences. Rather than trying to solve the controversies of so called laws of coupled motion, we intend steering of the project towards the registrations of individual patterns. This vision is strengthened by the result of patterns of coupled motion in the cervical spine, observed with a magnetic tracking system. Goal of the actual demand is to obtain funding to continue the different aspects of the project : continuation and integration of 3D motion analysis with Backtracker system and a Flock or Bird system, and investigations using MRI. More than in the previous phase, the syudy will also be oriented towards the thoraric and the cervical spine.
Effective start/end date1/01/9931/12/99


  • spine
  • coupled motion
  • joint kinematics

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  • Basic sciences