Research to the use of particles in the Netherlands and Flanders.

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The aim of the proposal is to get for the time a comprehensive overview on the linguistic behavior of and the variation in the use of modal particles in Dutch. Alltough a number of studies on Dutch particles in general do exist (cf. Abraham, Van der Auwera) as well as case studies (such as the one by Foolen), no attemps have been made to carry out a study that would give an overview of all particles, thier meaning and their function(s). Moreover -, hardly anything is known about dialectical and social variation in the use of modal particles in Dutch. The only existing study examining the particle "pas" and its equivalents shows enormous differences among dialects.
Effective start/end date1/01/9831/12/01

Flemish discipline codes

  • Languages and literary studies


  • variation
  • particles
  • linguistics