Restorative Justice for juvenile offenders (mediation, community service order and re-educational projects)

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The Flemish government supports services dealing with the alternative settlement of juvenile offenders. Three forms of intermediate treatment can be distinguished: mediation, community service order and re-educational projects (training courses). Up to now, this (new) sector has known an uncontrolled growth. The main objectives of this inter-university research are to: (1) develop a theoretical conceptual framework of restorative justice within juvenile justice; (2) analyse and evaluate from a social descriptive perspective the intermediate treatment practices in Flanders; (3) evaluate the juvenile offender's legal statute within these practices; (4) analyse and evaluate the institutional-administrative organisation of these practices.
Effective start/end date1/12/0031/12/02

Flemish discipline codes

  • Law and legal studies


  • juvenile justice
  • alternative sanctions