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In terms of content, it seems important to us to establish that the fourth section on the theme of demography is a transversal theme par excellence. Indeed, it is hard to imagine a policy area that is not influenced by the composition of the population. This is also evident from the activities and publications of BISA. Of the 8 most recent BISA cahiers, 6 are clearly linked to demography: the cahiers on population and population forecasts, of course, but also the one on the demand for educational places (the school population and the evolution of the teaching staff), and even Cahier n° 3 on the evolution of the middle class in Brussels, since the issue of the Brussels urban exodus is in fact also a demographic phenomenon, in addition to being a social phenomenon. The 'Focus' series also regularly examines topics with demographic overtones: the international labour market in Brussels, the knowledge economy and the flows of highly skilled profiles to and from the Brussels Region, the commuting flows of Brussels schoolchildren, the size and composition of households in Brussels, and so on.
This means that the expertise needed to support the activities of BISA in the area of demography must certainly not be limited to a descriptive knowledge of the Brussels population, but must above all be able to provide insight into all the trends and evolutions that influence the composition of the population. In concrete terms, this concerns the dynamic elements (fertility, deaths and, above all, domestic and foreign removals) and the effects of such movements in the short and medium term. In addition, expertise will be required on the interaction between purely demographic factors and the major policy areas.
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