Securisation Keeps Threats.

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SERKET Tackles the issue of security of places and public events by developing an innovative software approach where dispersed data coming from discrete devices are automatically correlated and analysed so as to provide security personnel with the right information at the right time. The analysis of the technologies available shows that the bottleneck of security of public places is not the hardware part of surveillance but rather the real-time analysis and correlation of the data provided by the various sensors. They also point out the lack of global management of threats for the people and their environments. It is then necessary to put more "intelligence" in security systems.

As the spectrum of threats increases ans as a consequence security systems become more complex, achieving performances of these critical systems is the new challenge. SERKET intends to go beyond the State-of-the-art by adressing issues related to the evolution from security seens as a collection of isolated aquipments monitored through a supervisor to an integrated system by promoting Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology that enables the homogeneous processing of data and information considered as events. It is therefore a comprehensive and universal data fusion solution.

Effective start/end date1/12/0530/11/07

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