Sixth Framework Programme, Network of Excellence (NEMO).

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Micro-optics is a genreic technology that allows the manipulation of light and the management of photons with "sub-micron"-scale structures and components. Micro-optics is therefore the corner -stone enabling technology to macroscopic world we live in with the microscopic world of opto- and nano-electronic data processing circuits. It is the key link between photonics and nano-electronics, the two dominating information technologies in tomorrow's society.
This network of Excellence on Licro-Optics NEMO aims at providing Europe with a complete Micro-Optics food-chain, centers for Optical Modelling and Design; Measurement and Instrumentation; Mastering, Prototyping and Replic Integration and Packaging; Reliability and Standardization.
A first objective of the NEMO network is to make these service and technology centres accesible to academic research SME's, and large companies to enhance the competitiveness of photonic-based prodcuts and the durable embeded photonic functionalities in a myriad of products.
A second objective is to use these service and technology centres to support the network's six long-term application-oriented research topics on micro-optics.: Mid Infra-Red micro-optics, sub-wavelength structured optical surfaces, platforms for optical MEMS, non-conventional micro-optical elements, micro-optical structures for sensing, and micro-optic interconnects. These long-term research topics aim at wideningthe scope of present-day research and at introducing novel concepts and components, thus creating new photonic functionalities applicable in virtually any region of the optical spectrum and beyond. With its long-term research NEMO is targeting a wealth of novel optical and photonic applications to increase the quality of daily life.
Effective start/end date1/01/0731/12/07


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