Social cohesion indicators for the Flemisch Region. The development of comprehensive social cohesion indicators at the local level in Flander.

  • Heyndels, Bruno (Administrative Promotor)
  • Cantillon, Bea (Co-Promotor)
  • Hooghe, Marc (Coördinator)
  • Stolle, Dietlind (Co-Promotor)
  • Ponsaers, Jan (Co-Promotor)

Project Details


The strategic goal of this project is to develop a coherent framework for the development of social cohesion indicators in Flanders. With this project, we will assemble a data collection set, by bringing together some of the best research teams in Flanders. In a second fase of the project, addditional data will be collected by conducting a representative survey of the Flemish population, with an oversampling of theoretically relevant communities.
The ambition of this funding program is to develop broad 'knowledge platforms', that can be used by multiple users, both in the Flemish region and abroad.
Effective start/end date1/01/0731/12/10

Flemish discipline codes

  • Other social sciences


  • economics