Solitons in non-linear dynamics: mapping the soliton systems and their connections(CSS-project)

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The need for a soliton database containing the data on soliton systems was explained in the description of the original CSS proposal ('94-'95). During the first two phases (preparation phase and meeting of an international panel of experts) the necessary steps were undertaken to implement this program: determining the precise dimension of the database (BAST programme) and the suitable representation(s) (Hirota's bilinear formalism), investigation of a new systematic method for bilineairsation of soliton systems (6 publications), composing an "International Board of Experts" (for the planned meeting) and determining the instructions for making and publishing the BAST database.

After the meeting in Pondicherry a dozen experts (including prof. Hirota) agreed that a handbook with database would be published as a result of the Beijing-Brussels-Glasgow-Osaka-Parijs-Pondicherry-Tokyo-Turku-cooperation. The VUB team would execute a pilot programme and present the results in Canterbury (Canterbury Conference on Symmetries and Discrete Systems, July '96). It is our intention (with the proposed extension of the CSS-project (10 months in '96) to finish the prgramme according to the agreed instructions.
Effective start/end date1/01/9731/12/97


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