SPECY-SORT: SPEctral flow CYtometer and cell SORTer

Project Details


Flow cytometry is a technology allowing to analyse multiple
parameters on a single cell level using live cells in complex
mixtures, to gain insights in which proteins are expressed by
the cells and in which amount. Via this technique, it can
thus be determined which types of cells are present in a
sample and what are their properties. Based on the
measured parameters, the cells can also be further sorted
into different fractions, allowing their functional
characterization or evaluation of cell-based therapies. For
the current cell sorter in the Etterbeek branch of the VUB
Flow Cytometry Core Facility the possibility to prolong the
service contract will terminate from March 2022 onwards,
and the availability of spare parts will no longer be
guaranteed. For continued access to this crucial technology,
we are hereby requesting funding for a new high-parameter
cell sorter. We are thereby making use of the opportunity to
introduce a spectral flow cytometer and cell sorter to our
university as an early adopter customer. As compared to
conventional flow cytometers, such spectral flow
cytometers differ in the way the parameters are measured,
offering increased flexibility in the choice of reagents that
can be used to measure the different parameters, better
possibilities for discriminating the specific parameters from
background signals and enhanced sensitivity for measuring
dim and intracellular markers.
Effective start/end date1/05/2230/04/26

Flemish discipline codes

  • Adaptive immunology
  • Cancer biology
  • Innate immunity
  • Microbiology not elsewhere classified
  • Parasitology


  • Immunology