SRP (Groeiers): Socially inclusive ICT-based adult learning

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ICT-based adult learning lies at the intersection of these major trends. It is widely considered to be able to play an important role in implementing a strategic framework to make lifelong learning a reality and for the establishment of more flexible learning pathways. Yet the potential of ICT-based learning has so far remained largely untapped despite the multiple 'conveniences' and potential advantages of ICT-based adult learning. Evidence shows that the highly-educated are still more likely takers of additional courses through ICT as they are often better aware of the existence of the latter and the importance of lifelong learning. Hence, the extent to which ICT-based adult learning can actually increase the access to and participation in education and training opportunities for disadvantaged groups, realised through their social and professional inclusion, is a critical research issue with high societal importance.
This research programme aims to produce the lacking evidence and empirical research on the social effects of ICT-based adult learning.
Short title or EU acronymSAIL
Effective start/end date1/03/1428/02/19


  • community building
  • Education
  • cultural education
  • wellbeing
  • school culture
  • school leadership
  • professional development
  • educational technology
  • ICT-based Learning
  • social inclusion
  • adult learning

Flemish discipline codes in use since 2023

  • Adult education


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