SRP-Groeifinanciering: Far right fictions: the meanings of audiovisual fiction among ‘emerging citizens’ with far right Sympathies.

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In the past years societies across Europe and the world have seen a mainstreaming of far right ideologies. This includes the electoral success of particular parties, but far right ideology is also a dominant presence in the broader media and cultural environment, especially online. In the digital media-saturated lives of young people in particular, the far right is a force to reckon with.
This research asks what the role of audiovisual fiction (films, TV and streaming series, web series) is in how young citizens with far right sympathies relate to far right ideology and politics. What audiovisual fiction do they consume? How do their far right sympathies motivate them to identify
with or oppose particular films and series or creatively integrate fiction into far right narratives? And how do they engage actively with these media, through the digital and social media that play a
central role in their lives (sharing, liking, commenting, meme production, etc.)?
By answering these questions the research contributes to a more profound understanding of audiovisual fiction as a central element in the political learning of young people and their development as politically engaged citizens. This will result in a more nuanced picture of the role (far right) politics play in young people’s consumption of and active engagement with fiction media in their digital media-saturated lives.
Effective start/end date1/10/2230/09/27


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