SRP-Groeifinanciering: Innovative structures: Resource-efficient circular building systems for sustainable construction

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The construction sector is responsible for 50% of all material flows and 40% of the waste production worldwide. Concrete is still unmistakably the most used manmade material in the world, yet it comes with a huge burden on the environment. To make the building industry more sustainable, it is crucial to develop innovative constructions that use materials in an efficient way. Also, we want our designed structures to be circular, meaning that they are part of a closed loop where building components (and the materials they are made of) can be selectively taken apart and used again. The originality of the proposed research programme lies in the focus on structures, made from concrete, that are built to withstand heavy loads, but that are - at the same time - as lightweight as possible, thereby saving material. Since we want to make these structures circular and reusable, the building components can only be connected by reversible connections, which allows them - just like in a Meccano®-construction – to be dismantled, replaced and/or reused in another structure. But such new and high-performance building elements are hard to manufacture because their shape can become quite complex. Therefore, we aim to develop a design approach that is based on material innovation, digital design and modelling tools, novel manufacturing methods, reversible connections and state-of-the-art monitoring techniques for constructions. This ambitious scientific objective can only be met by joining forces and combining our complementary expertise within a strong multidisciplinary team.
This programme aligns our research directions for the future. With a shared vision and global management, it will extend and multiply the already initiated joint research projects and valorization tracks. Supported by the SRP funding, it is our common goal to be, after five years, the internationally recognized expertise hub in the domain of circular, innovative structures.
Effective start/end date1/10/2230/09/27


  • sustainable construction

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  • Architectural engineering not elsewhere classified


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