SRP-Onderzoekszwaartepunt: Autonomous Mobility & Logistics

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Several technological advancements have recently emerged that create new possibilities and will change our travel behaviour and logistics dramatically. At the same time mobility problems such as congestion and air pollution are on the rise due to urbanisation and other societal trends. Autonomous vehicles have the potential of having a considerable impact on how people and goods will travel around. While these new technologies provide new opportunities to tackle long-standing problems, they do not automatically lead to better liveability for everyone. The implications of self- driving vehicles ripple through to all fields in society, starting with a direct impact on user behaviour in terms of travelling and purchase. It will also directly affect the organisation of transport and business models for mobility and logistics services. In second instance, its impact is related to infrastructure, vehicle technology and the fit with Internet of Things. And thirdly is expected that important societal issues such as congestion, emissions, energy consumption, employment, equity… can potentially benefit from the transition in case the right conditions are met. The central research problem of this strategic research program concerns the impact of vehicle automation on the mobility and logistics system in particular, and on society as a whole. Within the MOBI research group we have all the different disciplines in house to explore the possibilities and challenges of Autonomous vehicles for the mobility and logistics systems ranging from technological to socio- economic expertise. This SRP will allow us to further grow and get the support needed to become an important international player in this field.
Effective start/end date1/03/1929/02/28


  • mobility
  • logistics

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  • Electronics not elsewhere classified


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