SRP-Onderzoekszwaartepunt: Earth: from Accretion to Anthropocene: Documenting 4.5 Billion Years of Global Changes

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The SRP studies ancient and modern changes of the global Earth System. Coupled with numerical modelling, the behavior and concentration of selected chemical elements (Cd, Fe..), and isotope ratios (13C/12C, 18O/16O…), measured in minerals, fossils, sediments, water, ice, bones, etc. document factors and processes triggering and/or resulting from (paleo)environmental changes, at timescales ranging from millions of years to seasons, or days. This project supports 4 research priorities. The first 3 build on the work previously carried out on 1) meteorites & impact craters, 2) paleoclimate reconstruction, and 3) anthropogenic pollution. The 4th new line in bioarchaeology uses these same chemical tracers to sheds a light on the interactions between ancient population and landscape and their interplay through time. The work planned addresses more particularly: 1) The characterization of the flux of extraterrestrial material to Earth focusing on geological periods, likely marked by higher intensity: the late Eocene, Triassic-Jurassic and mid-Ordovician. 2) The modeling of climate conditions during Pleistocene interglacial periods and the investigation at high resolution of ancient warming / cooling transitions. 3) The study, in dense urbanized zones located near active volcanoes, of how volcanic ashes absorb/accumulate hazardous pollutants and their potential effects on local populations. 4) The documentation of bio-available Sr (and metals) incorporation in plants, as Sr isotope measured on bones and teeth from archaeological sites documents living patterns of ancient human populations. As long-term goal, this SRP aims at gathering all VUB actors around the Earth and Environmental sciences, to position the VUB as a global change research pilar at national and international level.
Effective start/end date1/11/2231/10/27


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