SRP (Zwaartepunt): Towards a Sustainable Media Ecology? The Case of the Flemish Audiovisual Industry

Project Details


Focuses on the position of the individual creator in the audiovisual value chain; while being the most fragile part of the value chain and very important in light of the need of high quality content, the individual creator is often ignored in media economics and studies on the changing media ecology. Introducing this track in the SRP adds to the quality and ‘completeness’ of studying different parts of the value chain, including thus creation at the individual and organization level, packaging, distribution and consumption.
Effective start/end date1/11/1231/10/17


  • Information Technologies
  • Communication Policy
  • Cultural theory and policy
  • Science Communication
  • New Media
  • Research On Media Effects
  • Ethnicity
  • Privacy

Flemish discipline codes

  • Media studies
  • Communication sciences