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While there has been a lot of research in personal information management over the past few years, the focus has been mainly on managing specific types of digital information. As part of this research project we are going to address the management, manipulation and creation of information in so-called cross-media information spaces. In these environments, information can not only be classified and associated accross different digital sources but also integrated with physical resources such as regular paper documents. Therefore, a main goal of the project is to setup a Cross-Media Information Spaces and Architectures lab space to investigate novel forms of multichannel and multimodal cross-media information systems as well as the interaction of users with these types of systems. The laboratory should become a valuable resource for conducting future research projects as well as be used in education. A fundamental research question to be addressed within the project is how to best represent information so that it can be efficiently accessed via different input modalities as well as published to different output channels. To deal with this question we will build on our previous work on metamodels for cross-media information management and hypermedia systems and extend these models with concepts for personal as well as collaborative information management.
Effective start/end date1/03/0931/12/10

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