Study of role and influence of the interpersonal relationships of talented athletes throughout the atletic carreer

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The present study provides a sequel to dostoral and post-doctoral research on the quality of the interpersonal relationships between talented young athletes, their parentes and coaches. It is aimed at studying the way in which talented athletes' perceptions of these relationships affect the development of athletes' sport career. Using the Sport Interpersonal Relationships Questionnaires (Wylleman, 1995), and in relation to Bloom's (1985) model of talent development, the influence of the socio-emotional behaviors in the athlete-coach, athlete-parents and parents-coach relationships, as percieved by the athletes themselves, is investigated in relation to athletes' perception of enjoyment, participation motivation and performance-expectancy within the context of competitive sport. The factorial construct validity of the SiRQ'S will also be determined. Finally, the results of the present study will be used as basis for a cross-cultural study on talented young athletes and their parents in Europe and the VS (VUB,Belgium-Michigan State University ,US).
Effective start/end date1/01/9931/12/99


  • Academic counseling
  • academic achievement
  • athletic performances
  • academic capability
  • Student-athlete

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  • Psychology and cognitive sciences
  • Pedagogical and educational sciences