Study of the effects of fluctuations during the interaction between measurement Apparatus and observed system in the framework of new experiments on individual quantum and mesoscopic systems

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We want to elaborate the tradional quantum axiomatic towards a general non-linear quantum mechanics that takes into account the shortcomings that we have identified in foregoing research (nn satisfaction of weak modularity and the covering law). In this approach we want to take into account the new hypothesis DENS that consist of representing pure states by means of density operators of the corresponding Hilbert space. To do this we work in the category of the state property systems and their morphisms that we have elaborated in a detailed way in earlier research by using probabilistic and algebraic techniques that heva been developed for the representation of mixtures. We want to investigate whether it is possible to test experimentally the hypothesis DENS by means of the use of non-lineair evolutions (the development of these evolutions is the subject of a collaboration with a Polish research group in the framework of BIL). Taking into account the experimental results of earlier research that show that the memory time of eventual hidden-measurement-parameters is not measurable, we want to develop the n-model, a generalisation of the e-model. We want to investigate in which way the Kolomogorovian limit can be formulated step by step and what is the nature of the manifestation of non-locality in this model. We also wish to investigate how the probability structure of experiments with post selection behaves with the use of chained inequalities.
Effective start/end date1/01/0031/12/01


  • non-locality
  • fluctuations
  • non-linearity
  • entanglement
  • Quantum mechanics

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  • Mathematical sciences