Study of the effects of fluctuations on the interaction between the measuring apparatus and the system in the scope of the new experiments on individual quantum- and mesoscopic entities.

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We want to study twa specific quantumeffects (1) the nature of the internal structure of a quantumparticle in a non-local state,and (2) the nature and the behaviour of the fluctuation parameters between measurement apparatus and systems , by making use of the recent experimental possibilities that have been elaborated by experimental techniques that allow measurements on single quantum systems,and also by using explicity the models that have been constructed within the hidden measurement formalism devbelopped in our group. First we want to use explicitly the E-model , a model that deliveres continues transition between quantum and clas-sical by varyingf the fluctuations, to investigate both mentioned aspects. For the de-exitation of the atoms that have been delocalized parallel to the beam . By investigating the radiation we can gather the information for the internal structure . For the fluctuation parameters we consider an experiment of two correlated spin 1/2 particles, were calculations show that the presence of these fluctuations gives a deviation of the standard quantum statistics for these systems.
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