Study of the Influence of the Microstructure on the Elecrochemical Activity of Metals.

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The aim of the project is to describe in a physically founded manner the relation between the microstructure and the electrochemical behaviour, by systematically linking the quantified microstructural state variables to the resulting, quantified electrochemical behaviour. This aim translates into an electrochemical equation which is dependent on microstructural features. This microstructurally resolved electrochemical material model gives us the electrochemical boundary condition for advanced process modeling and simulation.
To obtain this goal we choose for a polycrystalline pure metal model system of which the microstructure/texture is extensively described in the literature and for which the research partners have gathered prior knowledge and experience on microstructure and electrochemical characterization. On this model system we will vary and control the microstructure, including the crystallographic texture and grain boundary distribution function, by thermo-mechanical processing. The quantified microstructural variations will then be linked to the electrochemical behaviour that will be measured across the macroscopic surface and locally above individual grains and grain boundaries. The physical description of the microstructureelectrochemistry relation is the necessary boundary condition for process modeling as a research tool for the simulation and prediction of further microstructural and electrochemical variations.
Effective start/end date1/01/1031/12/13

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  • Materials engineering
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  • material science
  • thermal analysis
  • chemistry
  • surface analysis
  • NMR
  • polymer science
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