Study of the possibilities of an accessible offer for unorganized (socially vulnerable) youth in Flanders.

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It is the intention through the proposed study, which involves an inventarisation of relevant good practices, in-depth interviews with expert witnesses (a.o. organizers and sports leaders of successful initiatives) and guided interventions within local settings to find an answer to the question how the organizational and methodical-didactical approach of these kind of initiatives can be optimized. The proposed research will try to answer the overarching question of what works best, for whom and in which circumstances.
Because of the fact that existing practices targeted specifically at socially vulnerable youth are situated primarily in a metropolitan setting, it is suggested to organize the intervention in Brussels. These insights will not only contribute to a more theoretical basis for the organization and guidance of sports stimulation initiatives for socially vulnerable youth, they will also be useful in supporting and helping to guide existing as well as new initiatives in practice.
Effective start/end date1/01/0831/12/11

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  • Biological sciences