Study on public financing and charging of seaports in the EU (SEAPORTS)

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Faced with efforts towards enhanced transparency as regards the financial linkages between the public purse and the port sector on the one hand, and the relative lack of available information on those linkages on the other hand, the European Commission commissioned a study to supplement the existing information base line by adopting a dual approach, i.e. by identifying and analysing direct (=conventional) sources of information, and simultaneously tapping into indirect (alternative) sources of information.

All EU member countries were analyzed, including a sample of 30 ports throughout the European Union. The research consisted of desk research and literature study, as well as interviews with various stakeholders (port authorities, regional government) in the Belgian and French Ports (Antwerp, Le Havre and Marseilles).
Effective start/end date22/12/0421/08/05


  • International Business
  • Economic Evaluation
  • Strategic Management
  • Public Policy

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