• Dehert, Leopold, (Collaborator)
  • Vanhaesebrouck, Karel, (Collaborator)
  • Van Langenhove, Katrien, (Coördinator)
  • De Roo, Ruben, (Administrative Promotor)

Project Details


For the past two years, IDeA, the platform for interdisciplinary artistic research of the RITS department at the Erasmushogeschool Brussels, has been focussing on the notion of 'SUBVERSIVITY' through artistic and theoretical research. During those two years, the confusion about the notion all but decreased. Among the researchers involved, the desire arose to map out a couple of results, in order to find possible answers to questions that are hardly asked nowadays.
The outcome, among other things, are two publications due for release named Lexicon van de subversiviteit. Klein woordenboek van de Grote Weigering (Lexicon of subversivity. A little dictionary of the Big Refusal) and an English book called Essays on Disruption. Art and Activism in the Network Society.

After two years of research, IDeA wants to present the questions - not the answers - to an audience. The questions arose as a result of the artists-in-residence's workshops: Kendell Geers, OKNO and Abbatoir Fermé.

What can subversivity be? What should it be? Is it still alive? How to escape from the inevitable process of romanticising and from the nostalgic viewpoint? With these questions in mind, IDeA wants to elicit a dialogue, to provoke confrontation, and especially to prove the posssibility of subversivity as an activistic strategy.

From 16 till 19 December, IDeA (students, lecturers, artists and guests) occupy the Beursschouwburg in order to lay on a SUB.FEST. with the cooperation of the Beursschouwburg team - a festival which offers a broad variety of activities ranging from lectures to workshops to feasts, and to the endeavour to formulate a future for subversion.

Generally, SUB.FEST consists of three major parts. The first part is oriented towards history. What does the genealogy of notions of subversion and subversivity teach us and how are these notions understood today? This part should form the solid basis of the festival and give way to the further course of the festival. One historic movement will be focussed upon: Situationism. Hence we arrive at the second section: criticism.

What exactly is criticism? Within the range of what criticism can be, we will among other things, pay attention to the notion of populism. With this notion, we try to broaden the debate.

The third and last section will consist of statements of hope. In what way is disruption still possible? Or does the System succeed in incorporating each form of subversivity immediately? Via several study groups and seminars we aim to construct a few formulations about contemporary subversivity. Last but not least, this festival will be concluded with a big potlatch.

The festival in itself is playfully subversive. Its programme has to be seen as work in progress. It's ever growing, evolving and being adapted. Programme updates will be available on our website.
The target audience of SUB.FEST is for the main part a relatively young and interested one. Without loss of quality, the content should be easily intelligible. No scientific, difficult word use, but an université populaire instead. Information, communication, interaction and dialogue: that's what we aim at!

Each day of the festival begins at 10 a.m. During the morning, there will be the opportunity to open up debates in which we are looking for voices and counter voices. In the afternoon and evening, the programme will offer some entertainment (film, performance, documentaries) in order to keep our heads cool.

This programme is not comprehensive, though. For the complete programme, SUB.FEST refers to and
Effective start/end date15/12/0819/12/08

Flemish discipline codes

  • Civil and building engineering
  • Sub.Fest

    Ruben De Roo (Organiser)
    15 Dec 200819 Dec 2008

    Activity: Participating in or organising an eventParticipation in workshop, seminar

  • Kendell Geers en Stef Lernous

    Ruben De Roo (Organiser)
    28 Feb 2008

    Activity: Participating in or organising an eventParticipating in or organizing a public lecture/debate

  • Sub.Fest

    Leopold Dehert (Organiser)
    15 Dec 200819 Dec 2008

    Activity: Participating in or organising an eventParticipation in workshop, seminar