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In 2007, it is exactly thirty years ago that Els Witte took the initiative to set up the Center for Interdisciplinary Research into the Brussels Language Conditions. Since then, this center has become widely known as the BRUT not only in Flanders and in Belgium, but also beyond, both in academic circles and among policy makers, in the media and among the interested public. That thirtieth anniversary was recently crowned with the definitive conversion of the BRUT into BRIO, in full: Brussels Information, Documentation and Research Center. As an inter-university research consortium, BRIO will continue the activities of the BRUT, both in the field of scientific research and the publication of scientific publications and the organization of seminars, workshops and colloquia. In addition to fundamental research, BRIO will also continue the tradition of policy-relevant research and social services, while the existing research network and interdisciplinary and inter-university partnerships will be further expanded.
Effective start/end date1/01/0731/12/22


  • managment

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  • Study of regions
  • Linguistics
  • History
  • Psychological methods