Sustainable Development Co-operation: developing instruments for the sustainability assessment of Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers for the Belgian development co-operation

Project Details


This project is divided into four parts, aiming to respond to a series of particular objectives:

Part 1: Overview of PRSP greening processes

- To assess key characteristics of a selection of PRSP greening processes;

- To draw lessons from existing experiences in order to improve the integration of environmental sustainability in PRSPs;

- To compare the situation between countries in order to provide targeted advice;

Part 2: Analysis of the institutional and policy framework

- To assess whether the MDG and PRSP development frameworks are complementary or antagonistic in the achievement of environmental sustainability;

Part 3: Analysis of donor activities

- To assess how aid modalities and donor interventions interact with recipient country's activities in pursuit of environmental sustainability;

- To assess which donor interventions are most suited to promote environmental sustainability;

Part 4: Case-study: Benin

- To analyze the practical realization of a PRSP greening process by reviewing government documents and other sources and by interviewing relevant stakeholders in Benin;

- To analyze the involvement of various development stakeholders in the PRSP greening process (donors, NGOs, etc...);

- To provide recommendations on PRSP greening and to draw lessons on the use of PRSP greening processes in the pursuit of environmental sustainability;
Effective start/end date15/07/06 → …


  • development cooperation