Syria: Risks and opportunities for EU-Turkey Cooperation

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This project will focus on Turkey's foreign policy objectives in Syria and explore its implications for the EU.
The research will be based on desk study and interviews. For the first part that will focus on the develop­ments in northern Syria, academic publications, think tank reports, Turkish and Syrian journals, social me­dia tools and online websites that monitor the live developments on the ground (such as, and will be used. To get a better grasp of Turkish strategies in northern Syria and its policy objectives in the rebuilding of Syria, interviews will be conducted in Turkey and European capitals.
The second part of the project that focuses on mediation, peacebuilding and reconciliation efforts will also be based on several interviews with UN, Turkish, European and possibly Russian academics and research­ers.

Effective start/end date1/09/2031/05/21

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  • International politics


  • syria