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In Central Asian (CA) countries, large groups of graduates don’t find a job according to their degree, nor can they develop their talent within their work. The countries lack HRM experts that can e.g. introduce transparent selection and promotion procedures in enterprises, or assist the government in modernising its labour market policy. In this project, 3 Kazakh, 2 Uzbek and 2 Kyrgyz universities will each develop a two-year HRM master programme (TALENT) that has similar core courses in the 7 universities. Each of the programmes has to obtain accreditation, by the middle of Y2. In Y3, the first year of the 7 TALENT programmes must take start. Some of the 7 universities have an excellent reputation; they will help the less prestigious universities to develop and maintain their TALENT programme. The course development will be coached by the EU partners, with the faculty of each course meeting each other and further co-operating via a knowledge sharing platform. The faculty will develop separate, but highly comparable course syllabi and introductory texts. In 6 workshops, the EU and CA faculty will present HRM topics, adapted to the CA context and illustrated with CA examples.
Short title or EU acronymTALENT
Effective start/end date15/11/1814/11/21

Flemish discipline codes

  • Social behaviour and social action
  • Sociology of organisations and occupations not elsewhere classified


  • talent development