Targeting tumor myeloid cells via combination immunotherapy to enhance the efficacy of therapeutic tumor-derived cDC vaccination strategies

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Tumors contain, besides cancer cells, many “normal” cells, including cells of the immune system. In this respect, dendritic cells (DC) – which are the main antigen-presenting cells of the body – encompass functionally distinct subpopulations in the tumor microenvironment. We recently showed that two tumor-derived so-called cDC subsets, which originate from pre-cDC, can be used to elicit therapeutically relevant immune responses in cancer. However, monocyte-derived cells can suppress anti-tumoral T-cell responses generated by tumorderived cDC vaccination strategies. Hence, the main goal of this project is to optimize our tumorderived cDC vaccination strategies, by manipulating the tumor-infiltrating myeloid cell compartment. To achieve this goal, we will combine tumor-drived cDC vaccination strategies with relevant immunotherapies. This immunotherapy will combine the depletion of immunosuppressive monocyte-derived cells with a cDC-activation component in order to trigger effective anti-tumor adaptive immune responses. In this project, we will assess the efficacy of tumor-derived cDC vaccination with the proposed immunotherapy for the therapeutic treatment of tumor-bearing mice and assess the benefits of a therapeutic tumor-derived cDC vaccine in combination with the immunotherapy for the prevention of relapse.
Short title or EU acronymFWO Research Grant
Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/18


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