Task Force Mineral Resources in Central Africa (TF MIRECA) et Geology for an Economic Sustainable Development (GECO)

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This project aims at an in-depth restructuring of the artisanal Cu and Co mining sector in Katanga, in order to make it more transparent and efficient, and to contribute to its progressive formalization. Expected benefits are an increase in the tax revenues, allowing for substantial poverty alleviation and improvements in the living and working conditions of the artisanal miners (the so-called "creuseurs").
This project is a proposal coordinated by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whose expected success rests on an efficient and fruitful collaboration with the Congolese authorities, as well as on multi-lateral supports, funding and cooperation.
This project rests on three cornerstones:
1. A structural geological capacity building throughout the DRC, allowing for a better evaluation of the mineral resources, and an adequate ore certification procedure, out of the mine and at a restricted number of strictly controlled sales point.
2. The creation of a new Cu and Co ore stock exchange in the Katanga Province, where ore and derived products (metal concentrates, alloys, etc.) will be exchanged between registered sellers and buyers at the market price, based on international ore quotation.
3. The injection of revenue generated by simplified and rationalized tax levy in the artisanal sector, in order to contribute to its progressive formalization. This part of the project could be co-operated with dedicated agencies, such as ILO and/or UN agencies.
Effective start/end date1/10/1030/09/11


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