TBM Project: FEBRIS: Flemish joint Effort for Biomarker pRofiling in Inflammatory Systemic diseases

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Fever is a cardinal but nonspecific feature of systemic inflammation.
More than 200 disorders are characterized by uncontrolled systemic
inflammation, making it challenging to manage individual patients.
Disorders encompass different entities such as autoimmune diseases,
autoinflammatory disorders, or hyperinflammatory conditions. Despite
some clinical similarities, these disorders comprise distinct
pathophysiology and management strategies.
Distinguishing these diseases from benign causes of fever is pivotal, as
early diagnosis and treatment results in decreased morbidity, mortality
and health care costs. In these disorders, targeted treatment with
biologicals has expanded during the previous years. Nevertheless,
multiple caveats persist, such as toxicity, strict reimbursement criteria,
and expensive drug development. Consequently, it is crucial that
biological treatment is directed to patients with best benefit and is
monitored by relevant biomarkers. Currently, a specific and rapid test to
stratify patients and monitor response is lacking. Notably,
reimbursement criteria for biological therapy rely on clinical suspicion or
a proven genetic diagnosis, but so far, discriminatory lab abnormalities
are not implemented.
With the multi-centre Flemish Joint Effort for Biomarker pRofiling in
Inflammatory Systemic diseases (FEBRIS), we will integrate cytokine
profiles by multiplex immunoassay (MIA) into the diagnostic workup and
management of pediatric and adult patients with inflammatory
syndromes of unknown origins and/or with insufficient response to first
line therapy. In parallel with recent literature, we characterized specific
cytokine profiles differentiating different diseases, allowing to
implement it as a generic test that copes with the wide variety of
diseases in the target group. The validation of our assay in larger cohorts
with proven or suspected inflammatory disorders will guide time-,
resource- and cost-efficient workup and personalized management.
Effective start/end date1/10/2130/09/25


  • Applied immunology
  • autoimmunity

Flemish discipline codes in use since 2023

  • Autoimmunity


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