Terminological variation: a contrastive, multilingual, multidimensional, text-based analysis.

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Terminology projects carried out before by the Centrum voor Vaktaal en Communicatie (CVC) in different domains such as fraud, HRM, mecatronics and senior care raised the awareness concerning the added value of terminological dictionaries in which several aspects of variation are described, as supportive resources for multilingual communication. Whereas in the past the main emphasis in special language studies was on standardisation, in recent years more attention has been devoted in descriptive terminology approaches to the study of variation in terminology and on how to approach, understand and describe it. Many of these studies started from a monolingual perspective, whereby terminological variation is studied at different linguistic levels (morphological, syntactic, semantic) within the same language. Given the relevance for multilingual communication, this PhD project tries to study terminological variation from a contrastive, multilingual and multidimensional perspective. Multidimensional implies that several parameters or dimensions (e.g. language, type of discourse, type of domain, etc.) have an impact on terminological variation. During an analysis of English, Dutch and French domain-specific texts, these parameters will be studied in more depth. A contrastive approach implies an analysis of the possible meaning differences between terms and variants in the three languages, taking into account the verbal, situational and cognitive contexts that give shape to the meaning of terms.
Effective start/end date1/01/0831/12/11


  • linguistics

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