Terrorism financing and society: a phenomenal approach.

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Since a few years the western society is confronted with terrorists acts. This kind of terrorism differences totally from the ETA or the IRA terrorism during the 90th's. While the ETA or the IRA terrorism had well defined practical aims, we don't see the same phenomenon in terrorism nowadays. Actual terrorism is not well defined, even confusing unstructured and without any clear aim.
The incentives nowadays have more to do about holy beliefs with the representation of a strong personality as Osama Bin Laden. Indicators such as no clear aims, holy beliefs and important alternative others reflect to a certain ideaology, which made us wonder if terrorism financing are not two entities built up to elaborate an ideology.
If the seems to be the truth than a totally different approach has to be done concerning terrorism financing. In that case the financing is not exclusively used to make bombs but also to convince people to be part of this new growing ideology.
Our Phd has the aim to detect whether actual terrorism financing have to do about an ideology and in that case to see if the actual responding of the society is adequate.
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