The Affective Epistemology of Dislocated Journalists: Emotions as knowledge among journalists exiled, displaced, and repatriated in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian War

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This research project addresses the affective epistemology of journalists dislocated – exiled, internally displaced, repatriated – in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian War. Drawing from research on exile journalism, conflict reporting, and emotions in journalism, and based on a comprehensive qualitative methodology including (digital) ethnography, interviewing, and textual analysis, I address the following research questions: How does the affective proximity of exile/ displaced/repatriated journalists to the conflict they cover shape their knowledge-building practices, and vice versa? How do the dislocated journalists’ affective epistemologies shape journalistic content? By addressing these questions, the research aims at achieving three objectives: providing an empirical description of dislocated journalists’ emotionality and epistemology; interconnecting exile journalism research, conflict reporting studies, and research on emotions in journalism; and contributing to a paradigm shift in journalism studies linked to the de-Westernization and decolonization of journalism studies.
Effective start/end date1/11/2331/10/26


  • emotions in journalism
  • exile journalism
  • conflict reporting

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  • Journalism studies
  • Media and communication theory
  • Political economy of communication
  • Media sociology


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