The affective mechanisms underlying on (the relationship between) extra-role behavioyr and contraproductive behaviour

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We propose a theoretical framework that explains (1) the mechanisms that trigger OCB and CWB, and (2) the mechanisms by which OCB and CWB mutually influence each other. Regarding (1), it is theorized that OCB-eliciting demands elicit different emotions, and that depending on the action readiness tendencies that are associated with these emotions, OCB or CWB is triggered. For (2), a similar affective mechanism holds: OCB/CWB in itself gives rise to a specific emotion, and this emotion elicits OCB, CWB, or withdrawal depending on the corresponding action readiness tendencies. Studying the mechanisms underlying and the connections between OCB and CWB implies a shift from the between-subject to the within-subjects level. This will be done by combining lab experiments, day reconstruction studies and experience sampling research.
Effective start/end date1/01/1331/12/16

Flemish discipline codes

  • Social behaviour and social action
  • behavioural neuroscience
  • Social psychology
  • Applied psychology
  • General psychology


  • non-profit organisations
  • talent management
  • rating scales
  • sleep
  • social neuroscience
  • attention
  • implicit learning