The Autobiography of the Austrian Writer Minna Kautsky. A Commented and Annotated Edition of an Unknown Manuscript.

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It is the main aim to transcribe and to edit an autobiographical manuscript written by the Austrian actor and author Minna Kautsky. In the last decades of the 19th century Minna Kautsky was one of the most famous succesful novelists for working-class woman. In the 20th century she was almost completely forgotten. The autobiography written by Minna Kautsky is a fragmentary puzzle of impressions and heterogeneous experiences from several professions and from all social classes. It is very interseting to see how the author creates re-interpretations of her childhood, youth and marriage in the light of her later ideological insights and convictions. In the last yaers of his life Karl Kautsky has used and cited parts of it inhis own autobiography, without mentioning the source and the author.
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